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Farm to table

Enjoy healthy products and support the local community!

We deliver fresh baskets every Friday anywhere in Phuket with a “Farm to Table” approach thanks to the fruitful network we have built over the years with many local gardeners and artisans. They put energy and passion into what they do and we support them by bringing their finest products to your table.

We offer fresh baskets made of seasonal fruits and vegetables either picked by you or by us. We also offer artisan, well-being, home care and gardening items such as free-range duck and chicken eggs, kombucha, wild flower honey, homemade jams, natural mosquito sprays, health supplements, extra virgin coconut oil and many more. All fresh, local, tasty and delivered to your doorstep every Friday!

Why become a PFC member?

If you join the club you will enjoy a 20% discount on our fresh baskets and all our retail items.

The membership fee is 1,000 thb for the first year, 900 thb for the second year, 800 thb for the third year, and so on.

Our items

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Fresh baskets

Local, fresh and healthy. With a “Farm to Table” approach, we find the most locally and naturally grown vegetables and fruits for you.

Homemade Preserves


They put energy and passion into what they do and we support them by bringing their finest products to your table.

Homemade Skin Care


Our range of well-being items aims to support your health with the most natural ingredients and recipes.



Our range of cleaning products will help you get rid of the dirt and grease without the need of harmful chemicals.

Some of our local partners

Our partners have been farming organically in Phuket for a very long time with energy and passion. We regularly visit them guaranteeing that the farms comply with our standards. We strongly believe that naturally grown food benefits growers, consumers and the environment.


Khun Prayoon

Khun Prayoon grows naturally delicious lemons, limes, holland papayas and more. He also manages a free-range chicken and duck farm from where we get fresh eggs.


Khun Sommai

Khun Sommai grows naturally tasty oyster mushrooms, limes, cherry tomatoes and more.


Khun Tod

Khun Tod is one of the very few farmers in Phuket with the Thai organic certification. He grows naturally morning glory, bananas, passion fruits, guavas and more. He also manages a free-range chicken farm from where we get fresh eggs.


Khun Pierre

Khun Pierre is our expert in medicinal plants. He is growing organically dozens of plants up in his Kao Sok farm that he then use to make powerful health supplements. These plant cocktails will treat many symptoms and boost your immune system.


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