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Eco-consulting services

Produce more, consume less!

Tropical gardens design, creation and maintenance.


Have you ever wonder how to grow some of the favorite salads, vegetables and fruits of your menu?

With several years of gardening experience under the tropical climate and multiple exciting projects to our credits, we have acquired a significant amount of skills and knowledge that we can apply for you to grow food, medicinal plants and flowers. We can also advise you on what is easy to grow and what is not according to your location and elevation. We can use many organic garden techniques with a twist of Permaculture to help you set up your own garden. Create an organic garden will bring you a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle and most importantly connect you back with Nature!

So your next question is probably “Where do we start?”

If you are interested by a free quotation, please fill the form below. We will contact you to discuss your project in more detail and schedule a visit on-site.



We will begin with a complete site analysis followed by a discussion to understand your needs and wants Then, we will carefully design your garden including the layouts and dimensions of all the elements with options on the material and irrigation. With our design you will have all the information in hands to create your own organic garden. The PFC team can supervise and even fully manage the creation phase of your garden. Once it is set up and ready to grow, the only remaining task is to plant!

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